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Sue Spray, DVM
Woodworker  Artisan
Custom Tackle Boxes
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Custom made to your specifications, tackle boxes are created using only the finest material available. Built one at a
time, each tackle box features premium graded figured woods combined with exotic and domestic woods of
contrasting colors to create a stunning visual impact.  Over 200 parts and pieces are carefully milled, fitted and finished
by a dedicated artisan. Stainless steel hardware and penetrating epoxy coating on all surfaces ensure a rugged, usable
box designed to meet your demanding expectations. The basic design was created in consultation with Rob Sanford, a
top sportfisherman.  Unique features include ample storage for reels, removable hanging jig holder, compartmentalized
drawers and trays with exquisitely worked wooden handles, dovetails and fine furniture drawer rails. Inset doors with
see through panels in the lid  are perfect for smaller jigs and maximize space.  Custom built rod holders from stainless
steel  and sturdy handles accented with tear drop overlays add storage and convenience.    The combination of these
details provide practical and unique components unavailable on any other single tackle box.   Interlocking hidden
joinery, accent inlays, custom laser engraving and traditional construction methods ensure a world class tackle box that
will last a lifetime and become a priceless heirloom that you can use today.
The Signature Series
Our Top of the Line Tackle Box

Designed in Collaboration with Rob
Rob's extensive knowledge of what sportfishermen
need and want is full incorporated into these
functional and beautiful long range tackle boxes.

For twenty years Rob has had an idea in his mind
about the ultimate long range tackle box.  He
approached Sue with ideas and concepts and worked
extensively with her for months to develop the box
you see here.  Sue's masterful woodworking skills
and Rob's expertise in sportfishing have combined to
Some of the Many Features...

Instrument grade quilted maple, bubinga and ebony
Inlaid contrasting wood accents on front and top     
    Custom built stainless steel rod holders with 2
inch diameter interiors to accommodate larger rod
Sugatsune stainless steel draw latches
Carved and shaped handles  with tear drop accents
provide sturdy and comfortable transport of  your
tackle and reels
Multiple layers of marine varnish applied to a glass
like finish that is water proof and beautiful.
Stainless steel piano hinges provide strength,
durability and style

  26" x 15" x 12"
Price As Shown
Each tackle box is carefully designed and created with the
intent of the final product being an utterly stunning work of art.  The
first step is selection of the finest materials available with absolutely no
compromise on quality.   Woods from all over the world are carefully
selected by Sue.  Years developing relationships with exotic wood
vendors ensures Sue has first access to woods generally unavailable to
the general public. Sue's innate ability of creating form to follow function
and a relationship with Rob Sanford, a top sportfisherman to assist in
design and function results in unique application of masterful skill and
knowledge to meet the needs of the world class angler.  These heirloom
quality tackle boxes simply cannot be produced in mass quantities.  This
makes their intrinsic and pecuniary value very high.  

Don't let their beauty fool you.  These boxes are rugged and
meant to be used.  Penetrating epoxy covers all wood surfaces prior to
application of numerous coats of marine grade durable varnish.  All
hardware, hinges and screws are stainless steel including stylish and
strong Sugatsune draw latches. Stainless steel rod holders are custom
made to Sue's specifications and lined for protection of your valuable
Through and half blind dovetails, and a variety of other joints are all used
with the intent to enhance and showcase the quality of craftsmanship
that goes into each box.  Principles of proper woodworking and
consideration for wood movement are taken into account to ensure years
of use in a marine environment.  
The Ultimate Overnight Trip Tackle Box

Model shown made from instrument grade curly maple and pomelle bubinga.

Rugged nd meant for use like all of Sue's functional art pieces.

Features removable tray, removable hanging jig storage, divided drawer and storage for reels
and other necessary tackle and a carved wooden handle.

Solid hardwood construction, all stainless steel hardware and a durable spar varnish finish all
combine with the above features to create an heirloom tackle box that will be a pleasure to use
and hand down to future generations.  

Each box is signed, dated and numbered.

Prices start at $1200 plus tax
Model shown $1900 plus tax
Peruvian Walnut and Curly Koa Long Range
Sportfishing Tackle Box

Exquisite curly koa from Hawaii is strikingly beautiful when combined with
dark walnut.  A satin finish of durable spar varnish shows off the richness
of these two woods.  

Stainless steel hardware and rod holders with black lining are complimentary
and understated.  Ebony handles on smooth sliding drawers provide elegant
contrast and subtle beauty.

Price $5300 plus tax
Customized and personalized to your specifications.  If
you can dream it we can probably do it!

Contact us to get started on yours today!